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Selective sync to store only certain blocks

Would it be possible to modify a substrate node to sync only blocks related to a single contract and transactions related to its state? For example: Deploy contract A at block 50 Contract A is ...
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What does `Failed to promote during pruning` mean exactly? Why might one be seeing that in their node logs?

Seems to rise from substrate/client/transaction-pool/src/graph/ but there's a lot going on there. Why might this warning be hit? How can it be resolved?
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Is pruning working in substrate?

I am running a Polkadot-Node and have tried --state-pruning 256 and --pruning=1000 but I keep seing 5,000 sst files one month old that should have removed. 256 or 1,000 blocks is less than one day so ...
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What's the fastest way to sync a node only keeping full state for the last N blocks?

I need to only keep state for the last few blocks, but I don't want to wait for the full sync of the node, is there a way to do that faster than by using --sync=full? Because it seems like all the ...
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State Pruning: Archive-Canonical vs Archive-Finalized

Currently in substrate there is a possibility to set state pruning to "archive-canonical" or "number". In docs it states, that these values will cause to: archive-canonical - Keep ...
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How to prune sibling blocks?

Testing some behaviors on a collator, I often end-up with [🌗] Block import error: State Database error: Too many sibling blocks inserted Is there way to remove those siblings from the database ?
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Is there a way to prune blocks/transactions from the database

My understanding is that --pruning remove the old trie nodes but does not delete the content of the blocks, is there a way to also delete the blocks/transaction up to some point and only keep states ...
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