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Do we have any reference of solochain using DPOS consensus?

In our solochain currently our chain using POA. Now we want to update the consensus to Delegated Proof of Stake(with AURA). Do we have any reference or suggestion for that implementation?
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Integrating Parachain-Staking Pallet in Solochain: Transitioning from POA to Proof of Stake

Is it possible to integrate the parachain-staking pallet into my solochain? I want to transition my chain's consensus mechanism from POA to proof of stake using a parachain-staking pallet in my ...
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How to Check if an Address is a Node in a Substrate Blockchain Network?

I'm working on a Substrate-based blockchain network. I need to verify if a user with a specific address (e.g., 5XDDFFDF...) has added a node to the network. Depending on the verification, I want to ...
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Why unbonding period of polkdot is 28 era(28 days) and why not 27 eras or some other number?

I`m curious about whether 28 era is a particular number, why not 26 or 27 or some else?
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Unified Accounts with POS

is there any repository who are implementing unified accounts with Proof of Stake (POS) consensus except moonbeam. we want H160 type of account for both Substrate and EVM Transactions.
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NPoS with Aura - no planned era

UPDATE: The election always finalizes with Election Fallback and set of validators doesnt't and neither does the Era, but sessions keep increasing. I understand that an era is just a couple of ...
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The purpose of epochs in staking

What problem do epochs in staking solve? Why don't stakers win stakes by something as simple as generating data from history + the latest block (so that precomputing stakes is not possible), and then ...
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Proof of Stake algorithms, why use Aura as block producer?

I was under the impression that in proof of stake, or as substrate uses it, nominated proof of stake, the block producers are chosen by stake, into a set known as validator set through phragmen ...
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