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How to overwrite endowed account balances using additional accounts and balances from a JSON file for genesis block inclusion?

My goal is to allocate a balance in the genesis block to both: A list of endowed accounts already included in the chain specification A list of further accounts and balances included in ...
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Rococo polkadot-launch parachain doesn't create blocks

I tested rococo parachains launched thanks polkadot-launch. However I don't see any blocks created from the parachain so I'm wondering if this is normal and if I need to do extra steps to see blocks ...
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How can I test a parachain against a production relay chain's live state and configuration?

It is common to want to be absolutely sure any runtime upgrades and some mission critical extrinsics will work as expected in a safe but otherwise identical environment to a production chain. Testing ...
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How to run statemine with polkadot-launch?

I am trying to run statemine in polkadot-launch. I have get 0.9.18 versions of polkadot and polkadot-collator. And trying to run like next: { "relaychain": { "bin": "../...
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zombienet vs parachain-launch

I was looking at setting up a nice testing workflow and was wondering if anyone could recommend one over the other (zombienet vs parachain-launch). Note that polkadot-launch is deprecated. They seem ...
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What does "there are no validators assigned to core" mean?

What does "there are no validators assigned to core" mean and how do I fix it? I see that my parachain is stalled, I started 4 relay nodes with polkadot-launch and 3 parachains.
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Do we have any release guide/SOP for new release of a substrate project?

I Want to release my substrate chain. I just want to know that is there anyone has any release guide/ SOP/process which we can follow during release. For example: What do we need to document about the ...
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Transaction would exhaust the block limits

Trying to run transaction in UI This method in UI const insertKeys = async (api: ApiPromise, seed: string, publicKey: string) => { const insert = await
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