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can cross contract calls be done across different polkadot chains?

I have two smart contracts, one for off-chain computations (Phat Contracts) and the other from Ink which will be deployed on the Astar network. I want to access data from the phat contracts, how do I ...
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Error installing deps on swanky phala

I'm having issues initiating my swanky phala project. I keep getting this error below. Is there anything i'm missing? update: I went to the tests directory to run npm install and I got these errors. ...
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Error when building libsecp256k1 for Rust

I am trying to use the libsecp256k1 library in a no-std environment and I get the following error when building the contract: [wasm-validator error in module] unexpected true: memory max >= ...
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Unable to upload Phat Contract build using cargo-contract-2.1.0

I was unable to add contract into At the The contract was built using: cargo-contract version : cargo-contract-contract 2.1.0-unknown-aarch64-apple-darwin the ...
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How is confidentially guaranteed for Phat Contract state and transactions?

Phala claims that both, the contract state and all interactions are encrypted and only accessable by the contract itself. How is this implemented? Unfortunately I find very little docs touching that ...
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Parsing float numbers in Phala Fat Contract causes deployment failure

Is it possible to get data with float point numbers from the exchange API in Phala's Fat Contract? I have been trying to parse a json object from this API: {"USD":0.106} However, the price ...
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Parsing JSON in ink based Smart Contracts

Currently I am developing a Fat Contract (Native to Phala Network) that also supports Ink Based Smart Contracts to be written within the Fat Contracts which is what my example is doing. To describe ...
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