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How is the performance of the storage layer?

Here are two pieces of code: fn f() { (0..1000).for_each(|_| { let x = <X<T>>::get(); g(x); }); } fn f() { let x = <X<T>>::get(); (0.....
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Related to the architecture, new layer on top of Substrate

In the context of Substrate, is it feasible to introduce a layer on top, such as Kafka, to improve request processing times? Could this architecture enable Substrate to be utilized solely for ...
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Number of and writes of StorageMap drain

I was wondering about the number of reads and writes when draining a StorageMap which consists of n items. Is the answer (n, 1) or (n, n)?
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Extrinsic execution time traces not showing up in node logs

I am trying to achieve logging of extrinsic execution time traces on parachain nodes i run myself during block import. I'm doing this through tracing instead of by weights so that I can collect data ...
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Is Substrate Storage Queries exploitable for a DDoS attack?

I have some pallet that provide storage SomeValue, and this storage was exposed through #[pallet::getter(fn some_value)]. Having removed this getter in favour of a paged RPC API, I was thinking that ...
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Is there any benchmarking tool for parachain collator node performance?

Like there is e.g. polkadot benchmark machine --chain kusama --verify-duration 60 for the relaychain, is there something similar for the parachains? If not maybe some custom tool for measuring ...
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Scalability beyond Asynchronous Backing

With the release of Asynchronous Backing, a good performance increase is expected (lower block time, increased block weight). Which further efforts are being undertaken with regards to Polkadot ...
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Performance of same logic with a contract using pallet-contracts vs. a native pallet (excluding metering)

I'm wondering what is current state of the art of Substrate's pallet-contracts performance as compared to the same functional implementation as a pallet. I acknowledge that different logic can have ...
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How to increase performance of building Substrate by "cargo build --release" command

I using Substrate-template-node to build pallet and my laptop have Core-i7 chip, but the time to build is range from 9-12 minutes. So, when I change code and have to wait to build and run. So, my ...
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