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How are rewards in DOT calculated from the era points earned by validators in Polkadot?

In the Polkadot wiki I see that "validators are paid proportionally to the amount of era points they have collected" after every era. However there is no info about how many DOTs an era ...
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1 answer

Possible to claim Payouts for very old Era?

In payoutStakers() I see that Era argument needs to between current_era and history_depth. So are unclaimed payouts for very old eras effectively lost? If they are unclaimable, then are those funds ...
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Get era and validator address from Rewarded event

I have Staking Rewarded event. I can get stash address and reward amount from it. How to use to get nominator reward? How can I get validator address and era from event? ...
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Per session payout

I want a more extended than usual era period (it's pretty costly to change validators often), so it can take months on the single era. Still, it's not cool to bond validators without pay for such a ...
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