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2 answers

Opening HRMP Channel from AssetHub to Parachain using only paraId

I'm exploring the deployment of a parachain with an HRMP channel from AssetHub on day 1 to facilitate the migration of preexisting assets. Due to governance processes, this can take up to 28 days for ...
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0 answers

Parachain does not producing blocks

When I link a relay chain to the parachain using the Local chain type, it successfully generates blocks. However, upon changing the chain type to live in, block production fails, and an ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Is it possible to do xcm transfers between parachains without a channel opened?

I'm experiencing something that I consider some weird behavior :) I set up two parachains and somehow I can transfer native tokens between them without opening a channel :O Here you can find the ...
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How to test parachain after slots acquired?

I have acquired parachain in rococo test chain with parachain 4,285. After that I try to start the collator node using following command as shown in Acquire a testnet slots tutorial, ./target/release/...
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zombienet vs parachain-launch

I was looking at setting up a nice testing workflow and was wondering if anyone could recommend one over the other (zombienet vs parachain-launch). Note that polkadot-launch is deprecated. They seem ...
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