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Token(CannotCreate) error on transferring asset to PalletId account

I'm new to Substrate and I'm creating a pallet in which the user can create contests by depositing a certain amount of assets. My idea is to send that amount to the PalletId account, but I'm having an ...
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1 answer

How to choose a Lock Identifier?

In my pallet, I am writing a function that checks if a user has some minimum amount of free balance, and if they do, proceed with the transaction by locking a DepositFee amount. I found that set_lock ...
9 votes
1 answer

How can we get a Pallet's Sub-Account Address using PolkadotJS API

We have a pallet which has their own account e.g *b"replace_" and we are able to generate sub accounts addresses like so: let sub_account: T::AccountId = T::PalletId::get().into_sub_account((...
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How can we be sure that a Pallet-account/address is unique in a chain and no one else in the chain can replicate the same address?

In Ethereum, the contract address/account isn't formed trivially from a cryptographically-generated private-public key pair, but rather by using a separate method, as described here. In Substrate, ...