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Referenda function call after passsing

I want to pass a proposal then have it called once passed after x blocks I set it up like this: pub struct TracksInfo; impl pallet_referenda::TracksInfo<Balance, BlockNumber> for TracksInfo { ...
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Scheduler version

I have added a Scheduler into my pallet, I'm following referenda pallet as model. I have written some tests, and the scheduler functionality is working. However, I have noticed that in my unit tests ...
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Weight for an extrinsic that schedule another call in the future?

I have an extrinsic for a poll that will end in the future. I used scheduller pallet to make the end of the poll execute. The end of the poll is then made by a root call. Should I add the weight of ...
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pallet scheduler with timestamp instead of blocknumber?

Is it possible to schedule a call using timestamp from timestamp pallet instead of blocknumber? The docs of scheduler pallet states the following: "This Pallet exposes capabilities for scheduling ...
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Why does pallet-scheduler retain agendas with unavailable preimages

If I'm reading the code of pallet-scheduler correctly, if the preimage of an agenda is not available, then the agenda remains in storage, but IncompleteSince is not updated, which means that the ...
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