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Error `system.CallFiltered` when using pure proxy

I have custom parachain with pallet_proxy configured on it. I have created a pure proxy. But when I tried to add a second proxy to the anonymous account, I got the following error: system.CallFiltered ...
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Can I use event data from previous calls in a batch?

Considering the following scenario, is it possible to execute all calls in a batch and therefore sign only once using utility.batchAll in polkadot.js? Create PureProxy from account A Assign account X ...
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0 answers

Using original origin's call filter for proxy pallet's proxy

In the proxy pallet's do_proxy function, a newly authenticated origin is constructed from the real account. This is explicitly done. Is there a particular reason for this? Can I just use the same ...
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How to decode an error that happened in a proxy.proxy call

I'd like to show my users if an error occurred while doing a proxy.proxy call. While I know how to decode a system.ExtrinsicFailed, as this is well documented, I have difficulties finding the correct ...
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Why is it allowed to call `remove_proxy` on a pure proxy?

Using pallet-proxy, you can execute the following sequence of calls: Create a new pure proxy account using anonymous. Let's say this reserves 10 DEV on your main account. (Optional) Call some ...
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Why is it called Anonymous Proxy? [closed]

Proxies can be setup to sign specific or all (any) transactions on behalf of an account. You could say that the account is proxied, if it has a proxy. There is a provision to create a keyless account ...
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Pallet membership and Pallet Proxy - what are the use cases?

For pallet_proxy: A module allowing accounts to give permission to other accounts to dispatch types of calls from their signed origin. The accounts to which permission is delegated may be requied to ...
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