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Does pallet_identity require a migration if pallet_identity::simple::IdentityInfo is used as the InformationProvider type?

Recently the pallet_identity added the InformationProvider type which defines the structure to be used to store identity information. Am I right to think that no migration is required for the pallet ...
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Provide judgement on polkadot js

I'm trying to use my node's identity pallet via polkadot js. Generally that works well, but I do run into an issue when providing judgements. This function requires an identity: H256 (Hash) value. ...
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What is the cost incurred in relation to setting an identity on Polkadot?

Based on the Polkadot wiki: the cost of setting an identity is as follows: "Users must reserve funds in a bond to store their information on ...
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Polkadot.Js not showing identities of stashes on parachain rpc server

We are running public relaychain rpc endpoints and are further deploying polkadot-parachain endpoints, starting with statemine/statemint/westmint. Everything works but when using our endpoints in ...
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How to verify `pallet-identity` identities via signature

I'm considering using an identity service such as pallet-identity in my smart contract and would like to know if it's possible to verify an attestation that has been judged on pallet-identity such as: ...
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How to decode RPC results using Python's Scale library

I'm trying to get the chain state information from substrate using RPC for IdentityOf of any Accountid Upon succesfull request, I get the following result: { "jsonrpc": "2.0", ...
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How can I intercept a transaction in pallet_balance?

In what way can I intercept a transfer in pallet_balance? For example, I would like to check that the user has an identity in pallet_identity before completing a transfer with pallet_balance.
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Is pallet Identity just an improved version of Nicks?

Reading the description I feel like Identity just allows you to reserve a "name" on chain, in exchange for bonding some tokens. Is this just a better version of the nicks pallet?
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