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How to solve this error: associated type `BlockNumber` not found for `T`?

I have substrate node template with babe and i want to integrate orml-currencies. I'm using this in cargo.toml: orml-currencies = { default-features = false, git = "
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orml-tokens vs pallet-assets

Why should I choose one over the other? I see a lot of parachains using orml-tokens, and also x-tokens. Is using orml-tokens required to use all the other orml features like x-tokens? When should I ...
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I want to enable Teleport Asset functionality in XCM between two parachains. How should I do it? Also, how do I teleport asset from Para1 to Para2?

My aim is to teleport an asset on parachain1 to parachain2. But I saw in parachain code, that teleport is disable. How do I enable it? I am confused about Teleport in XCM. Basically, how do I make it ...
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XTransfer fail with error

I am trying to move relay native currency back to relay chain. But I got the error and can't figure out what is the problem? Hey is my call, xcm configuration setting and error.'s user avatar
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Build error for orml_xtokens

I have recently upgraded our blockchain to use polkadot-v0.9.26 but when I am building the code I get the following error: cannot find macro `vec` in this scope --> /home/aibrayanov/.cargo/git/...
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XCM cross-chain transfer error FailedToTransactAsset("InsufficientBalance")?

development env: one relaychain, two parachain relaychain rococo-local, tokenSymbol: ROC, Alice 1MROC parachain local 2000, tokenSymbol: KK, Alice 1MKK parachain local 2102, tokenSymbol: DD, Alice ...
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Looking for help to express an xcm destination oftype VersionedMultiLocation

I am trying to write a rust function that will call the transfer extrinsic function from pallet orml_xtokens. I am looking for help in translating the destination described in the image below. dest: ...
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How to import a token from Parachain X to my Parachain Y

Given one of the core USPs of Polkadot is its modularity and interoperability, it should be relatively easy to allow assets/tokens to be transferred between chains via XCM My question is about what is ...
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How to enable cross-chain asset transfers to a parachain?

This is a question about XCM. Do I just need to add orml_xtokens dependency to a parachain to allow transferring assets to another chain?
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