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Status of the SBP-M1 review on Kylin Network Node implementation [closed]

Kylin network is waiting on a final review of their node implementation: Changes have been applied (
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Configure offchain worker with command line argument

Is configuring an off-chain worker with a command line argument possible? e.g. ./target/release/cere --dev --alice --my-custom-url "http://my-..." If not what are the other options?
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Adding support for p256 keys and signatures (secp256r1)

Is it possible to add support for other cryptographic algorithms, or are we only allowed to use the implemented ones? The implemented ones are sr25519, ed25519, ecdsa(secp256k1, not secp256r1). I ...
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How do validators pass in custom data sets that is available for all applications to easily use?

Suppose we want to create a chain which has a native oracle "module" - is it possible to customize the validators to provide the information, or do we develop a pallet for this? In either ...
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Off-chain workers on parachain's validators

I want to fetch information from some source via HTTP. I want to use the off-chain worker to do that after confirmation of transaction with details of the request. Then the response is received, I ...
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How can I build a price feed oracle for my Substrate chain? [closed]

What components do I need to implement an oracle for a Substrate chain, such as a price feed? I'm looking to understand the general steps and considerations I should make. What libraries or projects ...
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