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1 answer

Export state of a running chain and run it as alice

Hello everyone, I'm trying to spin up a test chain(with imported real chain data) with alice(so I can start it from genesis and start producing blocks with --alice flag) and after dumping the state of ...
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1 answer

setting up pallet_session genesis keys in running chain

I am running a solo chain with Genesis authorities set up for AURA and GRANPA. Now I have to add new validators and for that, I am planning to add substrate_validator_set and pallet_session. During ...
2 votes
1 answer

Hooks doesn't expose `try_on_runtime_upgrade`?

If defining migrations in structs that impl OnRuntimeUpgrade. And these structs are then put into a Tuple migration, pre and post-upgrade hooks are noops on the tuple. See this issue. The idea being ...
2 votes
0 answers

How to solve Failed to get runtime version issue?

I recently upgraded the chain from version 0.9.36 to 1.0.0. Following this update, when attempting to perform a runtime upgrade on the blockchain, I encountered an error that resulted in the chain no ...
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1 answer

How forkless runtime upgrades takes place in substrate?

Does code compiled to Wasm enables to forkless runtime upgrades in polkadot substrate development? Someone please explain me how forkless runtime upgrades features enables?
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2 answers

Runtime upgrade error: host doesn't provide such function: env:ext_storage_root_version_2

Our goal is to migrate code to the newer substrate version and keep the block history. My old running node substrate version is tag = 'monthly-2021-09+1' -> New substrate version is branch = "...
0 votes
2 answers

Pallet declares internal migrations (which *might* execute). On-chain `StorageVersion(0)` vs current storage version `StorageVersion(0)`

After a runtime upgrade on Frontier, these warnings are logged: In this case, the pallets are related to Frontier only, but that seems possible for any FRAME pallets. Does anything need to be done ...
1 vote
1 answer

If on_runtime_upgrade exceeds block time

I'm running a migration, and I'd like to understand if on_runtime_upgrade exceeds block time, Substrate still can handle this correctly or not? What are the consequences?
5 votes
2 answers

Where should pallet migrations be executed?

I have seen two methods of executing runtime migrations: Execute the migration code directly in the pallet's on_runtime_upgrade hook Create a struct and implement the OnRuntimeUpgrade trait. Include ...