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Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0)

im trying to submit multiple unsigned extrinsics to the transaction pool but an Error is returned which says: Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0) i thought this might be related to ...
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Ink Contract's nonce doesn't increase on internal transaction

I have two contracts; adder and accumulator.An inc method on the adder contract internally calls a method on the accumulator contract to increase the accumulator's value by 1. Using my wallet on ...
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Transactions in a one-way synhronized node

Assume you submit a transaction to a Full Node which is configured incorrectly such that it can forward transactions but does not receive back results, e.g. it is working one-way Full Node x-> ...
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High transaction throughput - single acccount

I'm using subxt with the aim to handle bursts of transactions concurrently through a single account. I understand the nonce must be incremented, however I'm unsure of the exact lifecycle of a tx and ...
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How to find how many transactions are pending from address to be added to block?

In my application, I need to fire multiple transactions from same address, and want to create statusCheck() function, which will let me know how many transactions of total are still pending to be ...
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Can nonces be skipped in Polkadot/ Kusama

In Ethereum, clients must monitor for the successful progpagation of transactions (each with a nonce) in order to broadcast a new transaction (with a later nonce). If, due to low gas or some other ...
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