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Getting Error when i push session keys session.NoAssociatedValidatorId

I'm getting the error session.NoAssociatedValidatorId while inserting session keys, Although my Explorer is connect to same explorer and Keys are generated by using RPC->RotateKeys(). Any sort of ...
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How to use custom keys for parachain collator instead of predefined Alice or Bob?

There is example how to use Alice predefined account to run ./target/release/parachain-template-node \ --alice \ --collator \ --force-authoring \ --chain raw-parachain-chainspec.json \ --base-path /...'s user avatar
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How to use node key?

I have a local node with validators Alice and Bob. I've created a node key using this command subkey generate-node-key --file ./.keys/node-key Can I use the node key with --validator? Because I saw ...
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