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NGINX Reverse Proxy JSON Parse Error

I have NGINX and SSL set up on Digital Ocean Linux Ubuntu, running an RPC node. The RPC node sees the Polkadot-JS/apps and accepts the connection but the Polkadot-JS/apps never sees anything in return ...
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Problem Connecting Digital Ocean RPC Node to Polkadot-JS (NGINX Configuration Problem?)

I have established an RPC node on a Digital Ocean droplet and configured NGINX and SSL according to the instructions at the polkadot wiki. Configurations below. Connecting on wss:// or wss:/...
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Nginx Websocket Proxy Error - 502 Bad Gateway

I am getting this error below from nginx [error] 32#32: *4 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1....
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Nginx troubles on setting a remote validator node

So my node requires port 30333 to peer with other nodes, and since I am using Nginx on the server, I followed this guide :
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