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Write node details to IPFS

I want to write the multi-addresses of all nodes in my network to a file on the IPFS. I see that there's this module that can be used to write data to IPFS, I was just wondering whether it would be ...
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How can I convert an account of type sp_runtime::traits::IdentifyAccount::AccountId to sp_runtime::AccountId32?

I get the following error when trying to convert my frame_system::Config::AccountId to a MultiAddress. expected enum `MultiAddress<sp_runtime::AccountId32, ()>` found enum `MultiAddress<&...
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How to get Multiaddr of a peer?

What is idiomatic way to get peer's Multiaddr given we have its PeerId? There exists get_authority_ids_by_peer_id which seems useful but when spinning up multiple nodes locally which connect to each ...
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Is there a simple way to get the KSM address associated with a generic address using polkadot-js library?

I'm trying to get the associated KSM address for a generic address. I was wondering if there was a simple way to do this using polkadot-js library
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How to use `AccountIndex` with `MultiAddress` in a parachain?

In this pull request #19 I am trying to merge the following features into a working parachain based on the substrate-parachain-template in this pull request #17 here: Added AccountIndex to the ...
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