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Questions tagged [migration]

Related to runtime upgrades, a one time conversion of chain state.

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How to determine if a parachain runtime migration is too big?

I want to write runtime storage migration for our parachain. This time it will scan large storage maps with more than 10k entries. This may results in very large PoV block size. I'm wondering what the ...
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How to migrate blockchain data from Moonbeam network to a custom Substrate-based chain?

I deployed an ERC-721(NFT) contract on Moonbeam some time ago. Now I have added the NFT pallet to our Substrate-based chain. How can I migrate the data from the Moonbeam network chain data to our ...
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How to migrate / backup & restore ink smart contract storage?

Is there a way to backup ink smart contract storage and later restore on another chain? Lets say we have chain with 3 validators and deployed smart contract containing certain information in its ...
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Steps to import a parachain running in a production environment to test environment?

I am using export-state to copy a parachain running in production environment to development with all the configuration and blocks data. I am following these steps. Can any one please review the steps,...
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Export state of a running chain and run it as alice

Hello everyone, I'm trying to spin up a test chain(with imported real chain data) with alice(so I can start it from genesis and start producing blocks with --alice flag) and after dumping the state of ...
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How to solve Failed to get runtime version issue?

I recently upgraded the chain from version 0.9.36 to 1.0.0. Following this update, when attempting to perform a runtime upgrade on the blockchain, I encountered an error that resulted in the chain no ...
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Elections phragmen migration

I am working on Substrate-based node upgrades for solo-chain. I stick to Polkadot releases and during the upgrade from polkadot-release-v0.8.27 to polkadot-v0.8.28 I found a storage migration. This ...
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Potential long-range attack: block not in finalized chain. (when migrating parachain from Rococo to Paeso)

After migration from Rococo to Paseo our chain prepares block but does not suggest them, this error is only found in source on client side, any suggestions how to recover from this? 2024-04-04 21:51:...
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move_pallet: What is correct way to verify old pallet storage is deleted

In trying to use a migration implementation for substrate which can be used to rename BagsList to VoterList, using move_pallet a post migration check is failing when testing the migration with try-...
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What's the "checking account" in XCM and what other accounts should a parachain migrate in the pallet-balance v0 to v1 migration

The term "checking account" pops up in one or two spots in the code, in this migration for instance: But I can't find any docs on this. ...
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