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2 answers

How to prevent Polkadot{.js} extension from injecting all addresses into the site's JavaScript context

By default the Polkadot{.js} extension injects all addresses that have been imported into the browser wallet when a connection is requested by a website. In comparison, the Metamask extension on ...
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1 answer

Read pallet state using Metamask

I would like to read the state of a pallet using web3 clients (Metamask, Truffle). Let's suppose the pallet has exposed the function getValue(). I have not installed either EVM and Ethereum pallet ...
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Wallet Selection Modal

I am working with the team that is developing the MetaMask snap for Polkadot-like networks. In addition to this wallet and the well known Polkadot-JS extension, there are Nova Wallet, Talisman, and I'...
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Frontier EVM integration: UnknownTransaction::NoUnsignedValidator error occurs while transferring funds via Metamask

I'm integrating Frontier EVM into my Substrate chain and facing the following issue while trying to send some funds between accounts via metamask: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC '{&...
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Transferring Funds from SS58 Account to H160 Account Using Frontier and Metamask

I've successfully integrated Frontier into my runtime and have accessed the funds from an account, Alice's, using its SS58 account. To achieve this, I truncated the public address to retrieve the H160 ...
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How to connect substrate node to metamask?

My node is compatible with EVM and I would like to connect it to metamask? How can I do it? What should I put in RPC URL and chain id? (Where can I find my chain id)
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4 answers

How can i connect the frontier template node to my Metamask on localhost?

I tried connecting the localhost node by adding the port number along with the ip in Metamask the problem is with the chainId it shows error if i put any chain id in there and even if i define a chain ...
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Wallet Selector for Polkadot.js Apps UI

Are the maintainers of Polkadot.js Apps UI receptive to integrating with a wallet selector? Is there a reason why Polkadot.js Apps UI is not integrated with the Talisman Connect wallet selector?
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Metamask / Nano Ledger>

Metamask/ Nano Ledger: failed to execute requestDevide on HID. Must be handing a user gesture to show a permission request Hello, 2 years without problems, until yesterday I did: Reset Chrome settings....
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