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Kusama/Polkadot (v0.9.37) is having memory-leak-like pattern on GCP VMs [closed]

We are using polkadot-v0.9.37 and we are experiencing some memory-leak-like issue on the polkadot/kusama nodes. We also host polkadot/kusama nodes on other providers (for example AWS), but it did ...
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What are the design decisions behind Runtime memory management

Why is the Runtime memory management designed such that the Host manages the memory shared with the Wasm Runtime (imports memory + allocation functions)? Since the Host might need to store things onto ...
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Memory leak after upgrading client to polkadot-0.9.22

We just upgraded our node client to polkadot-0.9.22 and experienced regular memory leaks to all nodes. I tried to look into Prometheus but there is not much helpful information we can find out. Have ...
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Batching limitations

I am trying to understand the constrains in the batching function. fn batched_calls_limit() -> u32 { let allocator_limit = sp_core::MAX_POSSIBLE_ALLOCATION; let call_size = ((sp_std::mem::...
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How to change the number of heap pages

We are running into an allocator memory error where the number of heap pages appears to be insufficient to run a transaction on our validator (substrate-node). This is the error in question: 2022-04-...
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