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Rust WASM toolchain not installed, please install it! -- Basilisk node

I know that similar questions have been asked before but I am not able to resolve this issue with my setup. I am trying to run a basilisk node but keep running into the errors below. The error log: ...
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Fails to run polkadot on macbook m1 chip with error: <jemalloc>: Error allocating TSD

The polkadot project builds with no problems on my m1 chip macbook, but when I try to execute the executatble, I get the following error ❯ ./target/release/polkadot --chain=polkadot <jemalloc>: ...
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Problem running 'cargo build --release ' on substrate-node-template for M1

I was trying to run substrate following the installation process on the docs and I have a mac running with M1. I followed the instructions to the letter, installing Rosseta 2 and cmake and also I ...
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Substrate-Node-Template Docker crashes on M1 Macs

We are trying to run the docker solution available for the substrate-node-template but are hitting a crash, only on M1 Macs. To repro, from the substrate-node-template repository, we added touch ....
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How do I get my nodes to find each other on macOS?

When I run Alice and Bob validators: ./target/release/polkadot --alice --validator --base-path /tmp/relay/alice --chain chainspec-raw.json --port 30333 --ws-port 9944 ./target/release/polkadot --bob -...
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