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What does `Failed to promote during pruning` mean exactly? Why might one be seeing that in their node logs?

Seems to rise from substrate/client/transaction-pool/src/graph/ but there's a lot going on there. Why might this warning be hit? How can it be resolved?
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How can I add logs to the runtime for debugging since `--execution native` has been removed?

The node always uses on-chain wasm for execution. How can I add new logs to debug the production chain?
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What does this log message from a collator node mean?

What does this log message from a collator node mean? Is it bad, should it be fixed or ignored? Error: Service(Client(Backend("Invalid argument: Column families not opened: col12, col11, col10, ...
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1010: Invalid Transaction: Transaction has a bad signature

I am getting this error on the block explorer "Extrinsics" tab the moment I add a debug related code into a Hello pallet into the node-template repo. E.g: #[pallet::call_index(0)] #[pallet::...
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Substrate Node wont restart

We are running a substrate node in testing/development and the server ran out of disk space. We cleared up space by deleting the log files and now the node wont start. Service(Client(RuntimeApiError(...
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How to log in try-runtime?

#[cfg(feature = "try-runtime")] fn pre_upgrade() -> Result<Vec<u8>, &'static str> { log::info!("Pre-check account: {ERROR_ACCOUNT}"); let a = ...
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How is the logging CLI implemented in substrate?

Often I've used the flags like -lruntime=debug or -lparachain=debug without really understanding how they work. I know that the env_logger crate allows you to specify which crates to emit log messages ...
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Extrinsic execution time traces not showing up in node logs

I am trying to achieve logging of extrinsic execution time traces on parachain nodes i run myself during block import. I'm doing this through tracing instead of by weights so that I can collect data ...
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How to print color log in terminal with no_std requirement?

I tried to use ansi_term to print logs because it is used in the Substrate repository for logging:
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How to see the hardware benchmark results?

Substrate has introduced a flag called --no-hardware-benchmarks to disable automatic hardware benchmarks. This implies if the flag is not set, the benchmark should run automatically at startup and ...
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No output from `try-runtime`

When running try-runtime I do not get any logs/output. Even when specifying explicitly RUST_LOG=runtime=trace,try-runtime::cli=trace,executor=trace, still there is silence. However, in case of failure ...
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The log no longer has [Parachain] and [RelayChain] tags

this is the normal log: When I upgraded to version 22, the log was missing the tags: and there is no problem with the code for sc_tracing: /// Start a node with the given parachain `Configuration` ...
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Node startup message missing after upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.23

After upgrading to Polkadot v0.9.23 from v0.9.16, I am missing the default "start up" message (WS/RPC connections, hardware, para-id etc, see below) when initiating the node client, both for ...
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What's the best way to compute square root in Substrate?

I'm working on a quadratic voting function, and I'm trying to use a function like square root. There is no square root function in sp that I could find. What is the best way to do this?
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