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Failing to create an asset on Trappist parachain

I cloned the trappist repo, and I successfully run cargo build --release. After running ./target/release/trappist-node --dev I tried to create an asset by using the create extrinsic placed inside the ...
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Added ROC token on local Rococo account created using cumulus

I have Alice, bob and so on accounts created by cumulus itself. However, these account's have only 1 MUnit and I want to add more of them. I already tried !drip in faucet but that account is not added ...
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Replacing Endowed Account Address in a Local Substrate Blockchain: A Tutorial

Hello Substrate community! If you have been following the tutorial on building a local blockchain using Substrate, you may have noticed that your address is hard-coded in a JSON file. To replace your ...
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Is it possible to write-access Local Storage from the Node?

My use case is this: an Offchain Worker sends Http requests to certain endpoints. These endpoints are hardcoded on chain under current implementation. I would like to be able to configure those ...
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Offchain cache/view of on-chain storage data

I am implementing a pallet, that stores in on-chain storage (aka StorageNMap's) some user provided data. Pallet is performing offchain computations by iterating on-chain storage from offchain-worker ...
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can't use BTreeMap with custom key struct for offchain Local Storage

I'm trying to use sp_std::collections::btree_map::BTreeMap for offchain worker Local Storage. While let foo = StorageValueRef::persistent(b"bar::foo"); foo.get::<BTreeMap<u32, u32>&...
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How to fix slow parachain block time on rococo-local?

Hello valuable Substrate community, I started two rococo-local relaychain validators and one custom parachain. The target block time of the parachain is 12 seconds, but the actual block time is 24 ...
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How to verify that a signed payload of an unsigned extrinsic is signed by a local account?

I've been following the how-to guide to implementing unsigned extrinsic call with a signed payload. My pallet defines the following KeyTypeId: pub const KEY_TYPE: KeyTypeId = KeyTypeId(*b"ver!&...
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No new blocks with dockerized local RPC node

I want to run the substrate node locally(with docker) to use it as an RPC provider(via ws). I want to use "author.pendingExtrinsics" method as well as "chain.subscribeNewHeads" and ...
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Extend parachain lease on local testnet

I have a local testnet running and it works until the first lease period is up. Once the first lease period finishes the chain stops producing blocks. I am looking for an easy way to submit some ...
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Not able to build local blockchain as per documenation tutorial

Getting the following error and not able to build my first local blockchain using the documentation tutorial: 3 warnings generated. /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/ranlib: file: ...
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Run parachain as local regular chain

Working on a parachain, the executable that is build is a collator node. It will run both the parachain and the relay-chain nodes. For pallet development (pure product, unrelated to the chain being a ...
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