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Polkadot-v1.0.0: sc-network is failing to compile

When specifying sc-network as a dependency: sc-network = { git = "", branch = "polkadot-v1.0.0" } I get a compile error: error[E0433]: ...
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Query node information from PeerId only

How do I get Listen addresses of a node (and possibly other info like agent, protocols etc..) given that I only have node's PeerId? Is there any existing solutions available for this? Simple enter ...
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How to setup the network of a validator node?

I read good practices of how to setup a validator node, but I did not see a network part. A validator node should not expose a public RPC API (it should only be internal, allowing access through a VPN ...
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Light client key

Does the smoldot light client automatically generate keys or use the secret phrase to generate keys? In the substrate connect tutorial, client node seems automatically connects to the network with the ...
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How to perform **manual sync**?

Substrate automatically syncs up upon starting and supports --sync <SYNC_MODE> full, fast, fast-unsafe and wrap However, I'd like to have manual to prevent the node from synchronizing when ...
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Can a node reconnect to a network without boot nodes

Is it possible to configure a full node to remember a list of last peers it connected to so when it restarts it doesn't need to rely on boot nodes to connect successfully to the chain network?
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Substrate standalone network : Peers disconnect and block production halts

We are currently running a 5 validator standalone network, after about ~1000 blocks the peers disconnect and block production stalls, all the nodes continue to produce blocks but does not gossip to ...
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What is the best way to add additional libp2p protocols to Substrate client?

We want to reuse the clients libp2p instance for receiving threshold signature shares directly from our users, for key resharing/rotation as validators join/leave the active validator set, ...
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How to limit the outbound traffic (bandwidth)?

We are hosting some parachain full nodes on the cloud. However we found that 80% of the costs come from the internet traffic, and specifically, we found that the outbound traffic of the relaychain ...
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Chain crashing with `SinkImpl::poll_ready called after error.`

Experiencing panic in libp2p-websocket with logs looking like Thread 'tokio-runtime-worker' panicked at 'SinkImpl::poll_ready called after error.'
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Failed to run custom build command for `libp2p-core v0.34.0`

Compile successfully on mac, but it fails to compile on linux. repo: system: linux(centos) error log: Compiling sp-panic-handler ...
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Get a local node identity / peer id

I need to know my node's peer identity to use it as a boot node. Didn't start the node with --node-key. Also, the node has been running for so long that I can no longer access the startup logs ...
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type annotations needed in libp2p-noise

On cargo build --release in my substrate project I am getting error[E0282]: type annotations needed --> /home/asmita-mfs/.cargo/registry/src/
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How to check if a node's p2p endpoint is working properly?

Is there a way to verify that an endpoint is properly set up to receive p2p connections using ping, curl or some other tool? The reason I ask this is because I'd like to set up a proxy to use a custom ...
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Is it possible to inspect which nodes are connected to your node via rpc or polakdot.js?

I am trying to get some information about the (other) nodes that are connected to my parachain node. I can see how many nodes are connected ( in telemetry and polkadotjs apps), but how can I find ...
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What factors determine who can peer with my node?

From a security standpoint I'd like to understand who can peer with my node. Let's say I make the chainspec public, and someone comes along with a different node binary, and peers with my node, with a ...
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How-to bootstrap your new blockchain network without centralised infrastructure

I am looking for best practices around this topic. I liked how webrtc-star was easy to use, however I have not found anything in the rust ecosystem that is similar. In my mind it would be great if ...
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How to limit libp2p traffic or set maximum number of peers

In running a polkadot node on the mainnet, i'd like to know how to limit the maximum number of peers, or if this functionality is already built into the protocol somehow. Since my network traffic is ...
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NewContractNotFunded error using contracts pallet with version 4.0.0-dev

I'm running into an issue where I cannot deploy contracts to my chain, any help is appreciated. I'm using the same setup as:
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