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Signing with Ledger outside of the browser

I want to write a script to rotate a validator's session key on a Ledger without using the browser. I have been using polkadot.js UI for this purpose, but is it possible to write a typescript program ...
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Metamask / Nano Ledger>

Metamask/ Nano Ledger: failed to execute requestDevide on HID. Must be handing a user gesture to show a permission request Hello, 2 years without problems, until yesterday I did: Reset Chrome settings....
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How to Recover Address from MasterPrivateKey in JS

I trying to make Signature using Polkadot.js without mnemonic in LedgerAddress. import { hdLedger } from "@polkadot/util-crypto"; import { u8aToHex } from "@polkadot/util"; import ...
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Polkadot Raw data signing is not supported for hardware wallets Ledger

Raw data signing is not supported for hardware wallets Ledger. how to fix it?
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Can't vote from ledger using a hardware wallet?

I tried to vote from a ledger kusama account on polkadot js and I get Raw data signing is not supported for hardware wallets. Is this a limitation of the zondax ledger app or a polkadot-js limitation?
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How did kusama and Polkadot integrated their respective ledger nano app via Polkadot ui?

Polkadot and kusama respectively have integrated their platform with ledger hardware wallet. After reading documentation I came to know that integrating a blockchain with ledger requires a nano app ...
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When staking polkadot on the Ledger Live app, how do I select validators to avoid the error - There are no active nominations?

I'm having difficulty receiving staking rewards via the Ledger Live app even after following the best practices I am always warned - There are no active nominations. In the past (~4-5 months ago), I ...
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Issues with Ledger Nano S Plus - not able to sign for Polkadot.js web extension

Anyone know how to get in touch with the devs behind the Polkadot Ledger app? I am having issues with the Ledger Nano S Plus when using Polkadot.js web extension? When I try to sign, I get this ...
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Polkadot.js and Ledger device compatibility

I linked a new Ledger to the Polkadot.js wallet and transferred some refunded DOT tokens into this wallet. But when I opened up my Ledger Live again, the DOT account is showing a 0 balance. Then I ...
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