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Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate and nearly the same codebase as Polkadot. The network is an experimental development environment for teams who want to move fast and innovate on Kusama, or prepare for deployment on Polkadot.

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Parachain nodes become idle

The following nodes are Subsocial parachain nodes. We use polkadot-v0.9.16 as our dependencies version. Gonna upgrade soon, but we need to solve the collators issues before. Occasionally some of the ...
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Unable to deregister paraId on Kusama

We have a paraID locked after a completed Crowdloan, the auction has concluded in a no-winning state, and the parathread is still owned by the account manager. Any explanation as to why the deposit is ...
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Error upgrading parachain on Kusama: `parachainSystem.ProhibitedByPolkadot`

As a sudo of a parachain on Kusama, i am making the first runtime upgrade. Initially, i made the upgrade as a sudo unchecked weight and setCode without checks. The transaction looked successful it ...
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My implementation wont let me batch more than 4 transfer calls

My implementation wont let me batch more than 4 transfers. Am I doing something wrong? I know the code is a bit complex because its normally not in one func but i has to be in this way. I am suprised ...
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How did kusama and Polkadot integrated their respective ledger nano app via Polkadot ui?

Polkadot and kusama respectively have integrated their platform with ledger hardware wallet. After reading documentation I came to know that integrating a blockchain with ledger requires a nano app ...
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Get reward amount in polkadot.js/api

I want to get reward for specific address in polkadot.js/api. Especially for kusama. Is polkadot.js providing such api to get reward for specific validator address? also for specific block height?
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Does setBalance always overwrite?

We are uploading balances to a parachain. And there are some errors, so we would like to overwrite all ~20k balances. Is setBalance safe enough to overwrite, or is there a cleaner way such as reaping ...
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ERROR reports occur when parallelchain synchronize KSM blocks

2022-05-24 08:13:38.060 INFO main sc_service::builder: [Parachain] 📦 Highest known block at #0 2022-05-24 08:13:38.060 INFO tokio-runtime-worker substrate_prometheus_endpoint: [...
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Abnormal large delays between wasm-code getting stored and applied

We had a runtime upgrade on kusama-parachain recently (9050 -> 9060), where the parachain stalled for 20min. Eventually, it self healed, but I find it abnormal as I have never seen such a big delay ...
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kusama upload/download bandwidth speed so low

I'm running a Kusama node with a actual network speed ranging from over 100MB/s to 500MB/s on both sides. However, I'm facing issues with slow block propagation time and low upload/download bandwidth ...
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Kusama 1.2 - How to associate stash accounts with host via RPC/JS/shell

this key previously worked with Kusama until the recent metadata update (with beefy key) const keys = await api.query.session.nextKeys(address.address); const keysHex = keys.toHex(); const result = ...
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Call: failed decoding

I am getting the following error when I try to decode unsigned transaction rawTxId "message": "createType(Extrinsic):: createType(ExtrinsicV4):: createType(Call):: Call: failed ...
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Our on_initialize function takes approximately 5 seconds, this breaks the parachain eventually

We need to run an on-initialize function that runs for 5 to 6 seconds. The error we run into when we do this is "Block production took too long". We have tried to increase the ...
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Get Network Peers and Node type

Is there an API to get the complete Peer List with what type of node it is from somewhere in the Polkadot/Kusama networks?
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Getting error unable to author blocks while starting blockchain

I am building a blockchain using substrate framework and after adding the required pallets, and compiling them successfully getting a runtime error Unable to author block in slot 413737816,. ...
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