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Pallet session: What is the purpose of the `proof` argument on the `set_keys` extrinsic?

The set_keys extrinsic in pallet_session has a second argument proof, which seems to be intended as an ownership proof of the keys. Looking at the body, there is a call to ownership_proof_is_valid. ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to access keystore from pallet?

I want to add keys from a pallet in the keystore so that these keys can participate in the consensus[validation/block authorisation]. Is it possible to perform? If yes how?
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1 answer

How to sign with private key(Not secret key) that was created by "RFC-8032"(described below contents) on offline?

Backgrounds I am working on "ASTAR" parachain scene(TestNet: Shibuya). I can sign message(unsigned-transaction) on offline environment and then broadcast signed-messaged(signed-transaction). ...
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