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Questions tagged [karura]

Questions inquiring about using and developing on the Karura network.

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How to deal with this problem (wasm) [closed]

After I signing。 This error occurs PolkadotXcm: limitedReserveTransferAssets 1002: Verification Error: Runtime error: Execution failed: Execution aborted due to trap: wasm trap: wasm unreachable ...
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What is the reason for this unexpected transaction ordering

My understanding is that transaction priority and therefore the ordering in the block is determined by the fee and tip paid. I have noticed a number of times that transactions with the highest total ...
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1 answer

How to withdraw KSM tokens from Karura without using the Karura Bridge graphical interface?

I transferred some KSM from the Kusama relay chain to the Karura parachain, and now I want to withdraw the tokens back to the relay chain. That said, it seems that currently the Karura graphical ...
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How to determine which parameters are required when using substrate.query() to query a storage_function from polkascan's py-substrate-interface?

When querying storage functions using Polkascan's py-substrate-interface how do you figure out which parameters are required? For example, I am trying to discern how much KSM is on Karura via storage ...
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