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Questions about the Java programming language related to Substrate and Polkadot.

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What is the GitHub address of Java polkaj v.4.0.0? Is there a friend who can tell me?

Because of the error (unsupported metadata version: 14). I see that version v.4.0.0 already supports metadata 14. But I can't find the link of GitHub in Java. I hope to get help
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Is there a way to know what event it is without decoding the encoded extinsisc?

We are manually decoding the encoded extrinsic. [ex 0x510284.. -> TransactionInfo{value=AccountID{address=14pT17...)] It was confirmed that polkadot-js is well decoded through the toHuman method ...
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Is there any Java SDK or library for interacting with Substrate nodes?

The links below have stopped supporting Is there a supported library that I can use?
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