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api.query.identity.identityOf(accountId) no longer working

I must missing something here, but for some reason reading identity from the storage in kusama is no longer working as it used to. Even in the Development UI in kusama network, see attached capture. ...
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Unable to execute any multisig transaction on Polkadot

I started off wanting to set and identity for a multisig I created on Polkadot, but cannot execute any transactions from the multisig. I have an account, currently with ~6 DOT and a newly created ...
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What is the cost incurred in relation to setting an identity on Polkadot?

Based on the Polkadot wiki: the cost of setting an identity is as follows: "Users must reserve funds in a bond to store their information on ...
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Node template based network runs with multiple peers using the same identity

I noticed some interesting behavior while running a local test net on my machine. I booted up a network between the default Alice and Bob accounts that are used in all the tutorials, and they ...
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How to verify `pallet-identity` identities via signature

I'm considering using an identity service such as pallet-identity in my smart contract and would like to know if it's possible to verify an attestation that has been judged on pallet-identity such as: ...
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How to get local node identity to show when starting a new Substrate node?

Why isn't the local node identity showing when I start a new Substrate node? I'm using this command: ./target/release/node-template \ --base-path /tmp/alice \ --chain local \ --alice \ --port 30333 \ -...
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How to query all Identity Module's registered info?

This answer told me how to query balance info of all accounts. Now I would like to query the Identity Module's information of all accounts on Kusama chain (such as Legal Name, Twitter handle and so on)...
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Fetch an account's id using its Identity

In kusama account recovery, you have to have your lost account's id (address) to initiate the recovery process, but when you lost an account, in most cases it's id is forgotten too. If we can kind of ...
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Override pallet struct fields without implementing a new pallet

I am using the Substrate Identity pallet, and I would like to change the profile fields that are included as default (twitter, riot, email, legal, etc). I understand that there are additional fields, ...
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