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sending an http request in unit tests?

I'm trying to arrange some unit tests for a local http server connectivity my node communicates with. While the node has no troubles while sending requests, I face difficulties trying to build basic ...
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Parachain RPC errors since Polkadot 0.9.36 client upgrade

Astar uplifted to Polkadot 0.9.36 in v4.47.1 Client upgrade introduces 2 new errors on RPC nodes, both WS and HTTP. HTTP: lots of these errors - seems high impact HTTP serve connection failed hyper::...
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Only one node should make http call from OCW

I'm trying to figure out with OCW. And have a question is it possible to configure OCW so that if one node starts an HTTP call in OCW other nodes will skip it. I checked all examples I could find ...
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Can we enable off-chain workers http client to support web-sockets request?

As for now it supports rest request, and some duration limitation due to valid reasons. So my question is can we enable or work with web sockets for monitoring data changes , as for now we are only ...
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How to setup bootnode to use DNS address instead of IP4?

I currently have a node running on the cloud and I've set its websocket port to a custom domain following Polkadot's Nginx config (here). I would like to be able to use this node as a bootnode for ...
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Can't connect to pokadot-js UI from my VPS blockchain

I ran a Polkadot node from my VPS: ./target/release/polkadot \ --alice \ --validator \ --base-path /tmp/relay/alice \ --chain rococo-custom-2-raw.json \ --port 30333 \ --ws-port 9944 But it's not ...
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