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What is transaction indexing in externalities useful for?

For example, there's a FRAME pallet called Remark which does one thing: it allows storing data in externalities that can access the node's storage via a runtime interface. If integrated into a runtime,...
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Why Hosts set storage information directly and not through the Runtime

Why Host set storage information directly and not through the Runtime api? (e.g. Grandpa Authorities, Accounts, Code, Heap_Pages) Is this an expected behavior or legacy?
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runtime requires function imports which are not present on the host: 'env:_critical_section_1_0_acquire', 'env:_critical_section_1_0_release'

I wanted to add a runtime interface, which can be simplified to the following: #[sp_runtime_interface::runtime_interface] pub trait Test { fn some_bytes() -> Vec<u8> { vec![] }...
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What is the usecase of `PassBy` trait bound

While working on types between Runtime and Host functions, types going from Runtime to host function requires a PassBy trait bound while types going from Host function to Runtime does not need that ...
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`sp_io::crypto::ed25519_batch_verify` was removed amid Polkadot 0.9.39 and 0.9.43. What is replacement in Runtime?

We useded25519_batch_verify in runtime from sp_io::crypto mod. sp_io::Crypto and Verify traits require self, but I cannot find implementation. In substrate primitives core I see verify calling fn ...
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Can a Substrate Runtime bulk-read many storage keys at once?

This question is about the Substrate host functions and storage implementation and is not specific to FRAME (although relevant FRAME-related information is welcome). Imagine that the runtime knows it ...
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