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How I use Database Snapshot Services correct

I want use Database Snapshot Services, because making genesis to last block takes too much time.... so I used POLKACHU site, the code is. " curl -o - -L
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How to verify merkle root with batch root and its adjacent_leaves inside a pallet?

I am using below code to create Merkle Root. pub type MmrRootHash = H256; pub fn create_merkle_root(leaves: Vec<MmrRootHash>) -> MmrRootHash { sp_runtime::traits::BlakeTwo256::...
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Uncaught runtime errors: [u8;16]:: Expected input with 16 bytes (128 bits), found 21 bytes

I created a value id by this: let encoded_payload = (owner.clone(), task_description.clone()).encode(); let id = frame_support::Hashable::blake2_128(&encoded_payload);// hashvalue of combined ...
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