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Generating ethereum address from SS58 address [duplicate]

I have created keypairs for aura and grandpa and added it into customSpec file but i need to add ethereum address in customSpec file to fund it with some amount of ethereum. So, i have generated ...
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How to make a parachain project that uses Frontier as a dependency?

I have a parachain project that uses Frontier as a dependency with a specific Substrate version(polkadot-v0.9.24), but the Ethereum RPC does not work. So I need to find the bug there... Also I am ...
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Frontier node template fails to build

I've just checked out the latest frontier version from master branch (28c4bce). When I'm trying to run ./ I'm getting the following error. How to fix this? Compiling pallet-...
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Frontier-node-template compilation error on Windows

I am trying to run the frontier-node-template: But it gives an error as shown below. I tried to change the rustup default nightly-...
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