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Questions about Substrate's framework for developing custom runtime logic.

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How to use sp_tracing?

When I walk through the sp_tracing documents, it's an overview and does not show us how to use it I have some questions about sp_tracing: How to use it? What command that we run it? (Debug Mode?) ...
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boxed argument of a dispatchable

there are cases when we want to Box an argument of a dispatchable. One such case is when the type is large, for instance, xcm::MultiLocation and we do not want to blow the size of Call type. these ...
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duplicate lang item in crate `ink_env` - astar-frame/astar

Trying to build Astar shibuya-runtime crate is failing after adding the ink_env dependency an astar-frame chain-extension. Here are the changes to both Astar and astar-frame. Run: cargo build --...
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Cannot create a runtime on benchmark run

Using polkadot-v0.9.19 branch I've created benchmarks for a pallet, added it into runtime, compiled. On run of any of created benchmarks getting this error: Error: Service(Client(RuntimeApiError(...
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How to do a manual implementation for 'AccountId'

I am working on creating a custom map which takes T::AccountId as a perimeter: #[pallet::storage] #[pallet::getter(fn declaration_map)] pub(super) type Declarations<T: Config> = StorageMap < ...
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Ensure that a call is dispatched from a specific pallet

So I want my instance of the pallet membership to be managed only by a specific pallet, and not even the Root origin. Is there anyway to create an EnsureOrigin object that can verify that a specific ...
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Storage migrations for frame pallets

I've noticed that some of the frame pallets have migrations and others don't, so I was just wondering if all the required migrations are implemented by the frame pallets, or if it depends on the ...
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Add a `StorageMap` to a pallet (metadata) from outside the pallet

my problem is the following: There is a pallet which contains some storage, some extrinsics, and a type in its Config implementing trait CustomPalletHooks to which it delegates some logic. Assuming ...
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Batch signed transactions

I need to execute some list of signed extrinsics in order, but because of the randomness that can exist in the transaction pool I have no way to actually ensure that they will execute in the proper ...
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BoundedBTreeMap error with Debug trait

Consider the following snippet #[weight = 100_000_000] //TODO: update weights pub fn test( _origin, _outputs: frame_support::BoundedBTreeSet<JoyBalanceOf<...
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What is the difference between Referenda and Democracy pallets?

Both Democracy and Referenda pallets are used for purposes of on-chain governance. However, only Democracy is used on Polkadot and Kusama runtimes. What is the difference between these two pallets?
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Standalone Runtime

I want to use Substrate Runtime in my application without consensus layer (outer node). I only want to create extrinsics in memory and pass them to runtime (or FRAME) of my custom pallets to proceed. ...
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