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Offchain indexing storage overwrites during forks

We are using offchain indexing to store some value that will be read in offchain worker . The keys that we are using to store data via offchain indexing is as following: key = some_prefix + ...
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What is a concrete use case for cumulus's ability to return custom head data

This question is about cumulus PR What is an example of when I would want to use custom head data. The PR description itself says: This can be for ...
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How can we start the solo chain with existing chain data?

I got this issue in my prod chain How can we restart the chain if it becomes stuck during data migration? I am not able to start the chain. Is there any way to start the chain with existing database.
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Storage Migration failed even after we tested with fork-off

We have a live testnet chain where we planned a runtime upgrade (RU). Before performing RU in the live chain we performed fork-off of that chain to get all the states same as it is and started a local ...
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Fork Chain using fork-off-substrate?

I'm trying to fork my chain using fork-off-substrate but when running the new chain using the genesis file i.e fork.json is does not produceor finalize the blocks. How can I solve this or what is the ...
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How does primary slots and secondary vrf slots work?

I am struggling to understand some behaviour on a custom 7 validators solochain. Currently using babe with a 1/4 primary slots probability, the block time is 20 sec, and we have ...
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How do I use the Forks feature of the `ChainSpecExtension`?

I've read the rustdocs about ChainSpecExtensions. For example and also several related pages that you can find by ...
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2 answers

How to do a hard fork and go to a previous block on the chain?

Seems that I cannot find anything that explains how to do hard forks and revert the chain to previous block/state.
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2 votes
1 answer

fork-off-substrate dying at 37% with rpc max size disconnect

I'm trying to get fork-off to work with a pair of custom types( and I am getting fork-off-substrate to work with a WS socket instead of a HTTP RPC ...
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How to selectively populate state from a snapshot of one chain onto another?

Goal To use a full snapshot at some block height of one chain and selectively pull in select parts of this state. Use cases Migrating state from another chain. Example: A snapshot of only assets ...
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Forked Parity pallet, didn't migrate storage, deployed to chain. How to clear original storage from the live chain?

We started a chain using pallet_collator_selection and later forked it. Both the original and the forked pallet use the LastAuthoredBlock StorageItem. We did not execute a storage migration from the ...
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