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Is there any good way to keep an intermediate state for an operation between several transactions/blocks in a BABE/GRANDPA-based chain?

I know that the best practices suggest designing transactions (pallet calls) in a way that executes the operation atomically and doesn't keep any intermediate states. This guarantees, that in case a ...
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Are justifications of finalized block canonical?

Justifications are external to the signed part of the Substrate block, meaning they change after block is produced initially. However, I'm wondering if there is any assumption in Substrate (or ...
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Why has finalization stopped?

So I have a validator_count of 2, and 1 as minimum_validator_count. My validator is always online. I had my friend make another validator, had it enter the active validator set, and then join in as a ...
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Cant produce new blocks with custom ChainSpec file

I was using substrate version of 4.0.0-dev-41ad4a6c9d7 and following the Add Trusted Nodes for making a custom account as a Authorites account here, I can't able to produce new blocks, I don't know ...
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Finality lagging

After about 50 blocks my block production slows down because none of the nodes are voting in the finality rounds. I'm working off a codebase that I added the grandpa pallet to, so it's possible I may ...
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Replace GRANDPA finanlity

Hello can someone please help me understand all steps and all functions needed to be implemented for replacing finality gadget in experimental substrate chain?
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Can I Delete AURA and GRANDPA?

In this tutorial it is explained how to create a PoW node. Neither AURA nor GRANDPA are used throughout the tutorial. Also here it's stated that such node will not finalize produced blocks. The ...
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How would adding more weight to grandpa voting of my initial authority at genesis affect finality?

Currently I am starting my node with one authority, and the genesis config for grandpa looks like this : grandpa: GrandpaConfig { authorities: vec![] }, Would it be possible to assign some privileged ...
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