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What is the difference between Babe, Aura, and Grandpa?

Substrate supports "pluggable consensus" so a developer can choose from among several consensus algorithms. The main Substrate repository contains four algorithms: Aura Babe Proof of Work ...
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How can I make my node generate blocks only when they receive transactions?

In substrate node template we can see that blocks are producing and finalizing if no transaction happening so how I can make my node to only generate blocks when there are transactions happening.
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4 votes
1 answer

How to use noteStalled to recover from a finality lagging chain?

From the documentation: Grandpa: noteStalled (delay: u32, best_finalized_block_number: u32) interface: api.tx.grandpa.noteStalled summary: Note that the current authority set of the GRANDPA finality ...
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Recovering from stalled finality (babe/grandpa)

While experimenting with a relay chain testnet, Decentration and I ran into this issue with multiple validators on the same node, stalled finality and got the chain into slow block-making mode. We ...
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10 votes
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GRANDPA not finalizing with 2 of 3 nodes on network

I setup a small 3 node network that is using BABE and GRANDPA. When all 3 nodes are connected, it can produce blocks and finalize them. When 2 of the 3 nodes are connected, it can produce blocks but ...
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2 answers

What is the internal logic of `--force-authoring` flag?

From where do I get the internal logic of --force-authoring flag? Here is my scenario: I've added a custom chain-spec that is similar to the default one where we are setting the environment for --dev ...
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Cant produce new blocks with custom ChainSpec file

I was using substrate version of 4.0.0-dev-41ad4a6c9d7 and following the Add Trusted Nodes for making a custom account as a Authorites account here, I can't able to produce new blocks, I don't know ...
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how to solve Detected prevote equivocation in the finality worker issue?

I am getting this issue after performing the solution of this issue How can we restart the chain if it becomes stuck during data migration? Tried to run the existing chain with new chain spec with bad ...
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Beefy justification subscription is not working

I would like to subscribe to the beefy justification stream on Rococo. The rpc for getFinalizedHead works fine, but I also require the justifications themselves. When I try to subscribe to the ...
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