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Does ExtrinsicBaseWeight apply even when we return 0 weight from extrinsic?

If we return Weight::zero() for an extrinsic that returns DispatchResultWithPostInfo, does that mean that we discard extrinsic base weight which is included for every transaction?
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Frontier: How to change EVM gas fee charged in calling precompile functions

Regarding the EVM gas fee used for calling precompile functions, how can I set that fee to zero so that the MetaMask will show zero fee at invoking those precompile functions? I saw a demonstration of ...
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How to make feeless(for parachain runtime balance) transaction in Frontier EVM for certain Ethereum smart contract functions?

And I learned about how to wrap a pallet to make a precompile for Ethereum users to call those pallet functions ... see the video at (time = 01:...
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Hardware: Benchmark Standard vs Ecosystem Nodes

During the last Substrate Builders Program Office Hours, the Mangata team raised awareness around some potential confusion around the Substrate Benchmarking System and how it is being applied in the ...
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Transaction fee paying fund

I'm interested in systems where transaction fees can be paid for from a fund so that the end users don't have to deal with the chain's native token. This is what I've found so far:
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how we can implement gasless/feeless transaction?

Do we have any reference how we can implement gasless/feeless transaction?
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How to set base_fee and len_fee to zero?

I was trying to modify the transaction fee and for that I only want the congestion of the network. In FeeDetails, that is present in the transaction-payment pallet, we have three fields, i.e., ...
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