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How to get a large number of Westend (Polkadot Testnet) tokens

Which faucet can provide a large number of Westend tokens (WND)? I want to stake on Westend, but I cannot do it right away as I can only get 1 WND every day at
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What is the best practices to add new token to an account?

So I'm trying to make a faucet for my blockchain. What I'm doing is creating a faucet account with a lot of balances (with the set_balance method from the sudo pallet). When there's a drip request, I ...
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Jupiter testnet faucet link broken

The link on the jupiter github repo, the link for their faucet is broken. I was hoping to get some test DOT. Anyone know which testnet could one use for WASM contract deploy and if they have a ...
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