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Explorer compatibility with blockchain node version v1.0.0

The issue I ran in is finding an explorer version, which is compatible with substrate version v1.0.0. I found that version of explorer below v0.133.1 (
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How can we read the smart contracts deployed on the relay chain parachain

Is there a similar feature to etherscan where codes are human readable? Or solcscan where contracts are in bytecodes? I can't seem to find any explorer.
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2 votes
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Explorer for Substrate-based EVM chains

I've built an EVM-compatible blockchain using Substrate and connected it with Metamask and PolkadotJs explorer. But I want a more user-friendly explorer that users with a non-technical background can ...
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Can't Connect to Chain through websocket

My Polkadot-JS explorer UI does not load when i connect to the local chain and gives a websocket error. API-WS: disconnected from ws:// 1006:: Abnormal Closure It just started this ...
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Can't access substrate node explorer

I expose RPC from the second node with command: ./target/release/node-template \ --base-path /tmp/node02 \ --chain ./customSpecRaw.json \ --listen-addr /ip4/ \ --ws-port 9946 ...
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Substrate Blockchain Explorers

What are the blockchain explorers compatible with substrate based blockchains? I am aware of polkatdotjs and subscan. Is there any other solutions?
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