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Questions that relate to pallets and disptachables that emit specific events, including decoding events.

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How to Securely Notify Users of New Messages in a Substrate-based Chat Application?

I'm developing a chat application using Substrate and facing a specific issue regarding user notifications. My application needs to notify users when they have a new message in a chat channel. ...
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how to confirm a event type?

I query all events, and decode the event a known type, but maybe some write them cause error, how to parse the event pub fn decode_event(data: &str) -> Result<String> { let mut vec = ...
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From the parachain, how to read the relay chain events of a current block?

From this comment and this question, There's a function for runtime-benchmarks to get all the events(). And I want something similar that can be accessed from the parachain. Just events from the relay ...
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How to log events on frontend dapp from emit_event of smart contract?

I'm currently struggling on obtaining logs of the events emitted from my smart contract on the frontend dapp. The smart contract code itself should work just fine as it emits the event perfectly fine ...
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Indexing: big Events vs. storage lookup. Downsides of having big Events

Problem statement: While indexing it's impossible to extract information from the Extrinsic call when Extrinsic has optional parameters (default if none). Solutions: storage lookup (seems suboptimal ...
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How to trace XCM messages for all parachains

Is it possible to trace XCM messages (origin para and account id, destination para and account id, instruction and parameters) just utilizing the relay chain storage? If not, what is the simplest way ...
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