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Questions tagged [error]

Questions relating to troubleshooting specific errors.

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Connection closed with error KeepAliveTimeout

I'm developing my own client using libp2p to connect to a substrate-based parachain (in this case I'm testing with moonbeam/moonriver). However, my client gets disconnected after a while with this ...
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Transaction fails when using Polkadot extension

We have a customized substrate chain currently running and we are facing some signature issues (repo). This chain has custom types, custom header and an additional extension to check a parameter ...
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XCM transfer of ROC from parachain to Rococo does not update balance on Rococo

I am currently successfully able to transfer ROC from Rococo to a parachain using a Reserve Asset Transfer. However when I want to transfer some of the ROC from our parachain back to Rococo but when I ...
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The log output is as follows: 2023-03-06 06:12:54 ✨ Imported #2 (0xbbb2…9e44) 2023-03-06 06:12:54 Accepting new connection 1/6 2023-03-06 06:12:55 HTTP serve connection failed hyper::Error(Parse(...
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"ContractTrapped" Error even with successful cross-contract call

let result_call = ink::env::call::build_call::<Environment>() .call(self.escrow_address) .gas_limit(0) .transferred_value(0) ...
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Parachain stuck at authoring runtime upgrade block

Our testnet parachain is stuck exactly at the block in which the runtime upgrade is authored. It was authorized and enacted via parachainSystem as recommended. The upgrade neither includes any ...
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Dockerized Substrate Chain Error

I am trying to build out a Docker container for a Substrate node chain, but I keep getting these errors that I am unable to rectify. here is the Dockerfile # Use the official Rust image as the base ...
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no method named `as_fd` found for struct `Async` in the current scope

I am compiling my node with the substrate release branch as polkadot-v0.9.22 and I get the following errors. What is this error and how do I even fix this? error[E0599]: no method named `as_fd` found ...
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Metamask / Nano Ledger>

Metamask/ Nano Ledger: failed to execute requestDevide on HID. Must be handing a user gesture to show a permission request Hello, 2 years without problems, until yesterday I did: Reset Chrome settings....
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error[E0277]: the trait bound `xcm::v3::SendError: PalletError` is not satisfied

I'm attempting to utilize the XCM error within the context of my pallet's error handling, but I'm facing this problem. The error which i'm using #[pallet::error] pub enum Error<T, I = ()> { ...
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batchall.sign throws TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'specVersion')

Trying to form a batchAll command that carries out 2 activities: Deposit 1 GLMR from wallet1 to wallet2 Cancel tokens' delegation revoke When I try to sign the batch with wallet1 (batchAllExtrinsic....
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when running a validating nodes, firewall setting is essential?

when running a nodes, firewall is essential? i used this command sudo ufw allow 3033/tpc but it`s result is "ERROR: Bad port" what`s the problem? can i just done "sudo ufw enable" ...
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