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How to implement XC-20 standard

I need help understanding XC-20 implementation and how its components interact. Suppose I run a parachain (ParaA) that aims to supports XC-20. I need to include Frontier so ParaA is fully EVM ...
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Moonbeam #[precompile] procedural macro and Rust generics compilation error

I'm trying to write something similar to Moonbeam's assets-erc20 precompile. I'm using Moonbeam's #[precompile] procedural macros. pub type AssetIdOf<R> = <<R as pallet_evm::Config&...
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Update ERC-20 Storage slot from Substrate

I'm trying to make a PoC (using frontier template) where I should update the balance of an EVM ERC-20. I guess that the steps should be as follows: Calculate the storage slot like this tool does: ...
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Why does the Astar XC20 wrapper example use the ERC20 wrapper functionality?

I am working on an XC20 implementation of an existing ERC20. I am basing the contract off of the Astar here. I noticed there is some code inherited from the ERC20 contract via the ERC20Wrapper ...
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How to initiate SpreadAllocated storage including other contract reference?

use erc20::Erc20Ref; use ink_storage::traits::SpreadAllocate; #[ink(storage)] #[derive(SpreadAllocate)] pub struct Bridge { map: ink_storage::Mapping<AccountId, u32>, token: Erc20Ref, } ...
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