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How to create a same polkadot wallet from mnemonic like trustwallet using @polkadot/keyring?

I have to create a wallet of polkadot like trustwallet. I tried to create a wallet with "type: ed25519" but it also return different address. Here is the trust wallet configuration { &...
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Is it secure enough use an Ed25519 expanded secret key which converted from a sr25519 key

I am developing a wallet using Rust and I want it to be compatible with polkadot-js import/export functionality. I know that polkadot-js uses the ed25519 extended mode for sr25519 private keys. So, I ...
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Why does Grandpa not use sr25519?

I note that Grandpa uses ed25519 keys rather than the substrate standard of sr25519. Is it because sr25519 signatures are non-deterministic? ( Why are sr25519 signatures non-deterministic? ) or is ...
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How to verify a signature of a playload in Substrate when the provided Public Key bytes are not associated with an Account?

I have defined an extrinsic function as follows #[pallet::call_index(0)] #[pallet::weight(T::WeightInfo::create_record())] pub fn create_record( origin: OriginFor<T>, ...
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How to generate a new account with seed using rust? [duplicate]

I tried the following code, using method generate. use sp_core::{ sr25519, ed25519, Pair, }; ...
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2 answers

How do ECDSA subkeys differ from Bitcoin/Ethereum keys?

As far as I understand, besides the ed25519 and sr25519 signatures, there is a compatibility mode for ECDSA keypairs that should use the secp256k1 curve. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum use the secp256k1 ...
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How do I verify a signature signed using Polkadot.js app with rust code

I am trying to write a discord bot using rust/serenity to verify signature signed using polkadot.js app. I use schnorrkel crate, wrap the message in <Bytes>...</Bytes> and use the verify ...
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Why does the all 0 public key have a known private key in SR25519 and ED25519?

We have seen evidence that users can sign messages using the SR25519 and ED25519 public key with all zeros. Why or how is the private key to this public key known? Are there any other things users ...
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