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ink_env::ecdsa_recover is not returning the right public key

I am having an issue trying to verify ecdsa signature in ink! for my test. I am generating the signature this way const keyring = new Keyring({type: 'ecdsa'}); const pair = keyring.addFromUri('//...
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Adding support for p256 keys and signatures (secp256r1)

Is it possible to add support for other cryptographic algorithms, or are we only allowed to use the implemented ones? The implemented ones are sr25519, ed25519, ecdsa(secp256k1, not secp256r1). I ...
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How do ECDSA subkeys differ from Bitcoin/Ethereum keys?

As far as I understand, besides the ed25519 and sr25519 signatures, there is a compatibility mode for ECDSA keypairs that should use the secp256k1 curve. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum use the secp256k1 ...
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