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How to do cross contract e2e tests on ink?

I have made a contract in ink! that build fine, and I am trying to make e2e tests. I don't manage to do this even by using the examples in ink! repertory. My contract is a swap contract: it takes the ...
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Writing Test in ink! smart contract

I have two contract nft_contract and staking_contract. I want to write test for staking_contract but while staking I need to mint nft and approve, then only I can use it to stake. How can this be done?...
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Need help in Ink e2e tests

I need help with that code. Can anyone pls help me out ?? mod p{ #[ink(storage)] pub struct Foobar { /// Stores a single `bool` value on the storage. value: ...
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How to resolve "mismatched types" error while ink_e2e test : expected String, found Vec<u8>

I am working with ink_e2e testing framework in ink smart contract, and I have encountered an error message that's a bit confusing. The error says: mismatched types - expected String, found Vec<u8&...
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