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Is parachain a data structure?

In Polkadot docs, Parachain is defined as: A parachain is an application-specific data structure that is globally coherent and can be validated by the validators of the Relay Chain. Why have they ...
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Why are all the ink! Playground links broken in the official Substrate docs at

If I go to and click on any of the 6x hyperlinks called Open ink! Playground it takes me to and returns 404 page ...
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Chatbot Trained on Substrate-based Chains and Repositories for General Reference and Help [closed]

I'd like to propose an idea for creating a general reference and help tool utilizing a chatbot trained on data from Substrate-based chains (e.g., Polkadot, Kusama, Parachains) and their associated ...
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How to play with the Substrate labels? Is there a doc for this? E.G. E5-breaksapi What's the meaning of E? What's the meaning of 5? What labels should I pay attention ...
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Use macros in a custom pallet tutorial doesn't compile

I tried to follow this tutorial but I have the following problem: This is my pallets/template/src/ file on github And this is the pallets/template/Cargo.toml file on github The terminal error ...
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failed to find tag `latest` - pallet version in tutorial [closed]

Many tutorial on the substrate doc have similar code for the Cargo.toml. For example this is from configure the contracts pallet tutoria [dependencies.pallet-contracts] default-features = false git = '...
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Polkadot relay chain node source code walkthrough/explanation

Is there any documentation/tutorials covering the technical details behind the Polkadot relay chain source code, specifically the runtime where all the special logic of the relay chain occurs? I am ...
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Example of MockValidationDataInherentDataProvider usage​

Is there any example of how to use MockValidationDataInherentDataProvider to run a parachain with mock validation? I've been looking all over and can't seem to find any documentation or example of it'...
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How do I call the RPC method `contractInfoOf` using curl?

The docs state that the RPC comes with a few defaultRPCs and then links to polkadotJS documentation on the available API calls. This doesn't help me if I want to call a method using curl. Does anyone ...
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How to create and sign a transaction by myself

I am developing the tool to create and sign a transaction, but I find nothing about the format of a transaction before signing. Could you please help me to find out the document about this issue. ...
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What is the current state of Swappable Consensus and Re-Genesis

I've found these two open issues: Re-Genesis #7458 Swappable Consensus #1304 and would be interested if there is more practical guidance on an example basis?
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Where can I find frontier evm precompile documentation?

I'm trying to learn how to implement EVM pre-compiles in substrate (frontier), but I cannot find any documentation anywhere. If I try and reference something like moonbeam I fall into dependency hell. ...
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How to suppress missing_docs warnings for substrate macros?

I tried using the #![warn(missing_docs)] macro to check for missing documentation in my pallet, but when running clippy it complains about some pallet macros warning: missing documentation for a ...
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