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How does the Substrate Node Template deal with command line arguments?

I'm reading the code of Substrate Node Template, trying to get a deeper understanding of the implementation of it. However, I stuck when I tried to find out how the node deals with command line ...
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#[frame_support::pallet(dev_mode)] versus #[frame_support::pallet]

I see that most of the pallets are annotated as #[frame_support::pallet], but some of them are #[frame_support::pallet(dev_mode)] and my question is what exactly means dev-mode in the context of the ...
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Circular dependency

I am in the process of making the block handler modular ( pending now). We have this scenario: build_network() expects all the components constructed/...
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Replacing Endowed Account Address in a Local Substrate Blockchain: A Tutorial

Hello Substrate community! If you have been following the tutorial on building a local blockchain using Substrate, you may have noticed that your address is hard-coded in a JSON file. To replace your ...
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Unable to push a branch

I would like to submit a PR for a feature I am working on. I was able to clone [email protected]:paritytech/substrate.git, created a local branch/made the changes, and tried to push the branch (git push -...
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Support status for Apple M2 chip

2022 Apple macbook pros all comes with M2 chips. Before buying one, I want to double check about the current support status of the M2 chips with the Substrate/Polkadot codebase. Is M2 chips ...
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2 votes
1 answer

False positive Errors on Jetbrains IDEs

I’m currently using VSCode to develop a chain based on Substrate, and want to switch to CLion or IntelliJ IDEA, but after setting up these IDEs, the inspection reports more than 90 errors in my ...
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Dev Substrate Node at Capacity for WS Connections, how to flush?

I'm running a node in dev mode: ./substrate/target/release/substrate --dev --tmp --ws-external My client connection code: provider = new WsProvider(wsProvider) api = await new ApiPromise({ provider })....
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What does the `--dev` flag do?

I get a different set of behaviors when running my node with --dev than when I run my node with my own custom setup. What is happening in the background?
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What does the `--tmp` flag do when running the Substrate Node Template?

The Substrate Node Template says in the "Run" section of the README, that the single-node development chain will start with "non-persistent state" if run with the following command:...
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